Hello, my dear Red Mountains and her employees! Thank you very much for the help! I write to you from sunny Dubai and I like everything here !!! I work as a hostess in a super feasted bar Siddharta Lounge Buddha-Bar :) Working conditions and of course my salary is very satisfactory, soon after the end of the first contract, management promised to raise the career ladder !! Thank you very much! Come to Dubai, I will be very glad to see you!

Hot Hello Everyone! My name is Nastia, I'm from Lviv. Now I work and live in Qatar. She left thanks to the company Red Mountains work abroad. The guys from the Red Mountains have found a job for me, helped with all the hassle))) Thank you for this great THANKS! I love my new life in Doha / Qatar! Now I work as a waitress in the restaurant of the hotel Grand Hyatt Hotel. There is a prospect of career growth, which makes me very happy. I make plans, I dream, I love what I do and I live full life! Thanks to Red Mountains team work abroad !!! Success and all the benefits of your company!

Healthy guys. I'm Leha bartender, working in Muscat is a city in Oman. Found work for me employees Red Mountains. I about them somehow learned from my neighbor, who worked already in Oman. He advised me their company, said that he had left them. Now I work as a bartender at Feeney's Restaurant and Bar. Everything is cool here, a lot of our Russian-speaking guys. Life is fun, I work and rest for my own pleasure. Thank you guys with Red Mountains!

I spent a very long time looking for work, and I applied to various employment agencies. There was not even a pleasant incident when an agency one agency took money on in front of and for a long time could not find a job for me. I somehow took my money and started looking for another good agency that would find me a job. I accidentally found the site Red Mountains work abroad on the Internet and decided to write to them. I really liked the fact that the company takes money for its services, only after the applicants successfully pass an interview with the employer and receive a contract from the employer! I was pleasantly surprised when the whole process from registering in Red Mountains until the moment when you are waiting for your flight took 3 weeks for me !!! Now I work for The RITZ-CARLTON as Receptionist! I liked everything and everything that was promised was done. Starting from housing ending with wages! To all the wishes of success, follow your dream! And to you company RED MOUNTAINS and its employees HUGE THANKS !!!!

My name is Didar, I work as an assistant manager at CEVA Logistics Bahrain. I was in search of work and decided to contact an agency that would help me. I searched the Internet for companies and employment agencies in foreign countries. I found a lot of agency, but I chose one that I liked, so I chose the company Red Mountains work abroad. Fill out the form and sent them. The guys contacted me promptly and the process of finding work began. Employees offered different vacancies, and I was interviewed by employers. Some interviews were successful, some were not. And somehow I was written a hot vacancy was opened in Bahrain, if the employer chooses your candidacy and successfully pass the interview, you will need to fly out before the end of this month. I read under the conditions what they offer and by whom. I liked everything said to send my resume to the employer. I waited for the interview. Interviews were fixed literally the next day. Everything went well and now I am writing to you already from Bahrain! Work, conditions and wages I really like, did not even expect that everything will be so good. Thank you guys with Red Mountains, you are doing a good job, continue to help people find work and implement plans! Thank you very much!
I’m working now in Turkey as an animator in Sidy city . I came here via help of Red Mountains Work Abroad company. Managers of Red Mountains prepare all my documents quickly, after submitting the application. I’m already in Turkey in 3 weeks! Weather great, super team, work brings pleasure! Thanks to the Red Mountains, in particular Alina, the company's manager))
Hello everyone! I decided to share my experience with company Red Mountains. They helped me .At the moment I work as a hostess in Bahrain. I’m first time in Bahrain, there were a lot of questions about the country and culture. I worked before in  abroad too. But for the first time, an Arab country. I decided at some point to change everything and go to a new country. So I decided to sent my CV to the  Red Mountains work Abroad, I found them through Work Ua, usually I am looking for a job there. I submitted an application and a week later they appointed an interview with the employer, after 1 month I was already here in Bahrain.
I like the weather here, people, the most important  my work. By the way, these are all stereotypes about the Arab countries but to be honest everything  is here democratic . Well, I mean there are bars, clubs, you can dress as you like (of course, in a swimsuit you can’t work  around the city :D And so everything is fine, personally I have no problems with anything. The guys are professionals in the Red Mountains, they know their stuff, they have done everything quickly and I have been happy for 4 months now that I am here in Bahrain!
My name is Alyona, I contacted Red Mountains to help me find a job in Turkey. Of course, there are a lot of agencies in Ukraine, but I decided to turn to them exactly as my friend advised. Last year, she went to Kuwait to work as a barista through them. I wanted a short contract for 5 months since I was still studying, so I get offer in Turkey for the summer season  as an animator. Now I am in Turkey in Bodrum, I work in a hotel as a children's animator. I like everything, I love children, the work is not hard and I have time to rest)) It is nice that here many of our guys and girls from Ukraine. I decided that I would come here again for the next vacation! The company Red Mountains Work Abroad is really cool, thankful for helping me ! Do not be afraid to change your life, travel, learn another culture!

Soon be 1 year that I’m working  at the Rotana Hotel in Qatar / Doha

So Soon I will go on vacation at home)) I am personally grateful to the guys from the Red Mountains for their help . I have already asked them to look for a vacancy in Dubai UAE. I get experience in Qatar now I want to go to Dubai!

I will  advise this  agency for you guys .

Red Mountains is really honest recruitment agency which provide us real help to their candidates. Thankful for their assistance
Thanks to the guys from Red Mountains, especially manager Karina! Already 1 year in UAE, I came here via their help thanks to them and I very happy about it. Respect Guys, you are cool and professional!

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