Qatar is a state (emirate) in southwest Asia, located on the Qatari Peninsula in the north-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders with Saudi Arabia in the south and In the northwest has a sea border with the islands of Bahrain, in the southeast - the sea border with the UAE.

Nowadays Qatar is one of the most promising countries with a rapidly growing economy. Every year new companies, hotels and restaurants are opening. So they  need qualified employees. Qatar is very interesting for investors and this is also one of the reasons for the rapidly growing economy.

Work in Qatar provides an opportunity to choose  one of the directions of the hotel or restaurant business. These are 5-star high-class hotels and restaurants where you can get international work experience.

We can say that big advantage is the full social package which the employer provides. It includes: a working visa, medical insurance, air travel, accommodation, meals and transportation.

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